About Us

From its humble beginning in 2007, Jit Hing Food Stuff Sdn Bhd has evolved to be a leader in producing health supplements and food products for the Malaysian market. Since its establishment, Jit Hing Food Stuff Sdn Bhd has grown to be a successful producer of high-quality health products for the global market. In addition, it offers professional services for functional foods and supplements. 

With Neulegen as its marketing arm, it seeks to create a sustainable global sales network and build a complete servicing system from market analysis to product innovation.

Jit Hing Food Stuff Sdn Bhd has won the trust of global customers and will continue to seek perfection among its services and products by setting the highest standards to make them viable. We are confident that together we can make a better and more beautiful world, with a healthier population.

At Neulegen, our capabilities throughout the entire value chain from initial market demand, to formulation, to our finished quality wellness products have been well recognized through our commercial success. With our team of high-calibre health and wellness experts in Singapore, through their expertise and innovation-based insights, our company has been producing a wide range of quality premium and brand value products for the global market. Manufactured by us with the approval of Malaysia Ministry of Health certification and Halal certified natural health ingredients.